Here are the most common questions that people ask before, during and after they rent a dumpster. If you have additional questions after reading through our FAQ, please give us a call.

What is the cost of dumpster rental in Cincinnati, OH?

To get dumpster rental by size, please call us and we will give you the current rate. We often have discounts and deals going on so we want to make sure you know the correct and updated prices of our dumpster containers. In general, all dumpster haulers in the Cincinnati area are going to run similar flat rate pricing; the difference maker is the discounts or promotions.

What are roll off dumpsters used for?

The best resource is to check out our dumpster sizes page as we show what projects are best used for each size container. Roll off containers are used for both residential homeowners and commercial contractors who either have construction projects or large junk removal and clean up projects. Some common uses are:

  • Home remodeling including kitchen, bathroom and rooms
  • Garage, attic and basement clean outs
  • Landscaping projects
  • Demolition and replacement decks, roofs, windows and siding
  • Home construction

What affects the price of a dumpster rental in Cincinnati?

The three biggest factors that will impact a roll off price is your location, how much debris you will be throwing, and what type of material you will be throwing in the bin. Location has an impact on price because each city municipality and landfill can have different fees and taxes on disposing the junk. The amount of debris will affect the price if you have extra charges for over-filling your dumpster or going over the weight limit. The type of material will affect the price if you throw tires, mattresses, electronics or hazardous material in the bin. We will let you know what these are when you call.

Can I fill a dumpster to the very top?

You must not fill your dumpster rental higher than 3/4 full so we can transport the bin safely. Laws state that we have to cover the top of the bins to make sure no debris flies out of it while on the road, so filling it to high might cause a problem with getting the cover on.

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